July 13, 2016
AEI carries out independent and impartial examination, verification, validation and assessment on behalf of clients to ensure that systems and products are designed and constructed according to the specification requirements. In construction projects we perform audits, site and production assessment visits, monitoring or witnessing of activities including safety and quality functions and reporting.Our dedicated range of services to the construction industry includes:

  • Project Management and Technical Assistance for Civil Works, Buildings and Installations
  • Certification and Inspection
  • Design Assessment/Verification
  • Steel Structure Examination and Verification
  • In-Service Inspection and Maintenance Management

AEI services to the construction industry help clients to reduce technical risks, prevent construction errors, control budgets and effectively keep the construction project within planned schedule. With our extensive experience covering all aspects of construction, AEI has the skills needed to provide a comprehensive supervision, inspection and commissioning service for all types of projects no matter of size or location.