July 13, 2016

When purchasing, selling, refinancing or insuring a property, an inspection can prevent unpleasant surprises after the transaction.  Our certified inspectors can evaluate a building’s mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, as well as HVAC and other crucial building components, to determine their present condition and service-life expectancy.

Other hazards apt to cause future damage can be carefully evaluated and an estimate made of the cost to remediate.  Without the due diligence study, this crucial information might not be readily available, despite the best efforts and good faith of the parties involved.  By precisely establishing the true condition of critical components of a property, a thorough due diligence inspection can repay the client many times over.

To meet your specific needs, AEI provides a number of different inspections.  Custom inspections, with specially defined scopes, can be performed at your request.  Common inspections include:

  • Structural Investigation
  • Structural Analysis / Failures
  • Expansive Soil Conditions/Structural Movement
  • Roofing Damage Analysis
  • Foundation/Framing Failures
  • Drainage Analysis
  • Moisture Surveys (Roofs, EIFS, Floors)
  • Roof Systems
  • Major Component Evaluation
  • Oklahoma Home Inspection